Jesus walks on water!

Theme: Jesus has power over our problems, so we can look to Him in times of trouble

Memory Verse:

“Let us keep looking to Jesus.” Hebrews 12:2a(NIrV)



(provided by Go! Curriculum)

Supplies: play-doh OR marker/pen & paper/index card


Say: In our story for today, Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and looked at the storm around him. That’s when he began to sink into doubt. The same thing can happen to us when we take our eyes off of Jesus. We’re going to do an activity right now that will help us remember to keep thinking about and praying to Jesus in the middle of our problems or challenges.

Directions: Give everyone in your group an “Eyes on Jesus” illusion printout and a pen or pencil. Ask the kids what kind of problems or challenges they’re facing right now. Examples might include a hard year at school or a big fight with their brother or sister. 

For older kids, have them write their problems on the outer edges of the paper as they share them with the group. 

For younger kids who are still learning to write, have them draw a frowning face on the outer edges of the paper for each problem that is shared. 

When everyone in the group has had a chance to talk about their problems or challenges, tell the kids to stare at the 3 dots in the middle of their picture for 30 seconds. When the time is up, tell them to close their eyes and ask if they can see the image of Jesus in the darkness. If they can’t, or if they want to do it again, repeat a 2nd or 3rd time.


Question: After focusing on Jesus, what happened to your problems when you closed your eyes? (Answer: they went away; all you could see was Jesus.)


Question: How does this remind you of what happens when we keep looking to Jesus?


Question: Have you ever felt like you were sinking into doubt? In other words, have you ever wondered if your problems are too big for Jesus to help you with? Have you ever wondered if He cares about your problems?


Question: What’s your plan for keeping your eyes on Jesus this week? When and where could you spend time thinking about Jesus, praying to Him, or reading His Word?


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