If you have a middle schooler then you've come to the right place! I hope that you will see we have a passion for creating safe spaces & reaching our students no matter where they are physically or spiritually.


As a part of making it easy for your student to find & follow Jesus, we're offering both in-person services (beginning March 14th @ 11 AM—Register Below) as well as online service options. You can find more about our in-person or online connection opportunities below. We post all of our content to our YouTube channel to help you stay tuned in & resource/equip you to have better conversations at home.

We are here to support you In any way that we can, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

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Join us EVERY SUNDAY as we watch our weekly message together (virtually) and then connect via Zoom for our Virtual Small Groups—VSGs as we like to call them. It may look a little different, but we're still having ALL THE SAME FUN!

10:00 - 10:15 AM (approx.) // ONLINE SERVICE

  1. Go to Elevate's YouTube Channel

  2. Subscribe to the channel

  3. Click on the video that is scheduled to premiere

  4. Hear a message while enjoying some live chat with other students before VSG

10:15 (approx.) - 10:45 AM // VIRTUAL SMALL GROUPS [VSG]​

  1. Fill out the REQUIRED PARENT PERMISSION if you have not already

  2. Access Virtual Small Groups on ZOOM

  3. Password: 678VSG!

If you have any problems accessing Small Groups or have any questions, please email South Lake’s Middle School Pastor, Matt Stennett, at mstennett@willowcreek.org.

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