We’ll be telling the stories of 2020 for years to come.

In a time when we’re waiting for everything to return to “normal”, Advent is a season of waiting. It’s a time of expectancy. We’ll be celebrating the birth of our Savior soon, but the time hasn’t come yet. So, we wait with anticipation. And this season of Advent, like everything else this year, will look different. Fewer shopping trips, fewer parties and gatherings, and maybe less noise and distraction. This year, Advent is the time of a wait within a wait; a wait for Christmas while we wait for life to be normal again. We can bemoan everything we’ll miss or we can look for ways to experience this once in a lifetime season of Advent differently. Our prayer is that these Advent devotionals will prepare your hearts to soak in this Christmas season. Our prayer is that the miracle of this birth would find fresh new life in your spirit. Our prayer is that as you wait expectantly for the celebration of Christmas, you’ll find that God is inviting you to experience His goodness in new ways.


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